Ouch belly Ouch

Its that time of the month -_-. I should even weigh myself cause im probably 5 lbs heavier. Anyhow, Im at work and eating some salad with guacamole and a piece of chicken. (YUMMY)


I snuck in two Christmas tree lollipops.

It is now 12:36 AM. I have completed day one, however I snuck in two Christmas tree lollipops before midnight, that were just laying in the office at work. I did calculate the points though. It was 3 SPTS for 2. So not bad. I took it out of my activity pts that  I had from the gym. So still have my 39 Weekly. I’m hungry. I brought another one of those frozen meals. (Those are the best for lazy people like me). I think it’s Ravioli. I’m waiting till 1 am to eat though.

*My belly wants fooooood*.

12:55Am: Close enough. Breakfast consists of a lean cuisine Ricotta Cheese & spinach Ravioli. MMMMM Its actually 11 pts which is a little much but I’ll still eat it :d (DUH) I also brought for snack I have carrots (0pts) and hummus  (Cedars roasted red pepper hummus) OH and veggie chips 🙂 (4Pts) That only gives me 11 pts left. Which isn’t a lot but I shall manage ! Help me Lord.

So I ended up going to the gym 🙂 I did 20 Min on the elliptical & 15 Min on the bike and some machines. I felt great. Had my protein shake on my way home. (2 PTS)

I woke up around 4pm. And had some oatmeal (4pts) with Fiber one cereal (2pts) Yogurt (3pts) and wheat germ (1)..& blue berried (0pts)

Had some lollipops at work (3 PTS)

So overall I dug into my weeklies and now have 34 weekly pts left.

Not a bad day 😀 ❤



Last piece of chocolate cake

It is currently 2:26AM & before midnight I have had my last piece of chocolate cake. I’m getting married in 277 days and I intend to feel GOOD and HOT for this wedding. So my journey starts now. I’ve been on weight watchers (on & off) for some time now and I always end up quitting, but this time it’ll be different. This time God is by my side. I pray that God helps me to say no to the junk that I know is not healthy for my body. I pray that God gives me the energy to go to the gym and finish my workout. I know that with the LORD leading me, I can win this addiction with food. I know I can do this I just need to stay motivated and take it day by day so, I will journal everyday throughout this journey. I will journal what I ate throughout the day and the PTS and how I’m feeling..ETC. Why don’t you join me? Support is always a great way to stay on track. Leave me a comment below with your email and lets get on track together. 🙂 So far I have not eaten anything. I work at night and usually would eat breakfast about 1am (but I was still full from the pre midnight cake). I am probably going to munch on that healthy choice mac & cheese in the fridge though. My goal for the day : Drink 1 bottle of water (I’m starting slow because I suck at drinking water) Also to go to the gym (which I have not visited for months) and do 30 Minutes of cardio. God Give me the strength! PLZ.

Okay, So I was wrong, It is a Lean Cuisine (Not a healthy choice). I’m going to eat the Lean Cuisine Vermont White Chedder Mac & Cheese. I put it in the microwave for 6 minutes because I like the cheese a little burnt. (I’m weird) Anyway this meal is 8 SPTS. (NOT BAD)

According to WW, I should eat 30SP per day. So I now have 22SP left. Which is plenty. But I know I’ll be hungry. Current Feeling : BLOATED. From all the food I have eaten the past few days.

*This mac N cheese in pretty darn tasty:)*

So, I’ve been avoiding the obvious question..My weight? DUN DUN DUN. Okay, so my current weight as of now is 185LBS. And my goal is to lose 40LBS and be a slim 145LBS. LORD please help me. *SIGH*

Update: 8:50am. I have completed my goal and went to the gym after work. I have to say I’m pretty darn proud. I did the elliptical for 30min (burned 300 cal) , the bike for 15 min (burned 100 cal) , and the stair master for 5min (burned 50 cal). So, total time 50 min & 450 cal burned! I also did the abdominal machine and leg press. I am sore! But I feel great! So on the way home I drank a protein drink it’s called premier high protein shake in chocolate (Only 2pts) for one bottle! Yummy! 20 SPTs left for the day. Help me get through it Lord!

update: 5:38pm. For dinner me and my fiancé had spring salad with green and red peppers and guacamole and chicken. The guacamole was a single serve cup I found at the store they are called good foods chunky guacamole (3pts)! And 1 cup boneless skinless chicken breast was (3pts) and for dessert I ate a chocolate jello pudding sugar free (60 cal) (2pts) so a total of 18 pts.

update: 7:30pm. I snacked on 100 calorie snyders pretzels (yummy) (3pts) 21 pts left!

update: 8:50pm. Right before work I needed to squash in 9spts so I ate the only thing I could find its a halva (polish) it has raisins and coconut ( I think) anyhow that was 46 grams which equaled 9pts! I’m all done:) Day 1= success 😜 Off to work and off to Day two! Wish me luck! Thank you Lord!

Why don’t you join me? Support is always a great way to stay on track. Leave me a comment below with your email and lets get on track together. 🙂


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A new year, A new me.

So, 2017 has officially lifted off. I feel excited for this year and I feel like its going to be a good one. Mostly because I’m getting married :). Looking back I cannot believe how much has changed in one year. Last Christmas I was a miserable woman sitting at home wallowing in my sorrows. This Christmas was actually..Amazing. I spent time with all of my family. Even though it was a lot of traveling, it felt nice to have somewhere to go. And most of all, I got to share the experience with my hubby to be. I have a lot to be thankful for this year. The Lord has definitely blessed me in many ways. So, to start off the new year I am committing myself to change. Committing to grow in my faith with the Lord and to grow in my relationship with my Fiancé. (I love that word.) Change is difficult. But I know that with God’s help, I can change in so many ways. I have a feeling it will be a great year with hardships and tears of pain. But also filled with love and tears of joy.



I tend to run away from God.

Do you ever feel guilty because you don’t want to socialize with other Christians? Latley, that’s me all the time. I keep telling myself I’ll sign up for bible study or catch up with old acquaintances but I never follow through. For example, I started a womens bible study at my new church. I went twice. Why? Because everyone there seems….perfect. The leader is skinny, blonde, out going. She has a family and a child on the way. She looks like the perfect Godly woman. Everyone else seems to have it figured out too. And then there is me. Plain old me. I want to open up more to God but I’m too busy screwing up all the time. I wish I could be this vision of a Godly woman. *Sigh* I sound pathetic don’t I? Why do I blame my disobedience on other women? I cant do it. I cant socialize and smile and make small talk anymore. I’m so tired of everyone just smiling. I’m not saying don’t be happy, but at least well..just don’t smile so much! I sound like a rotten Christian. God PLZ help me.

Finding the purpose of life : Part 1

Why Ecclisiastes?

There is no other book like it, because it is the only book in the Bible that reflects a human, rather than a divine, point of view.

Human view of life.

It is a guiding book for atheists. This is the favorite book of atheists and agnostics. And many cults love to quote this book’s erroneous viewpoints and give the impression that these are scriptural, divine words of God concerning life.

But right away in its introduction this book is very careful to point out that what it records is not divine truth. It presents only the human view of life. You’ll find that over and over, throughout the whole course of Ecclesiastes, one phrase is repeated again and again: “under the sun,” “under the sun.” Everything is evaluated according to appearances alone– this is man’s point of view of reality and is utterly exclusive of divine revelation.


SOAP – Ecclesiastes 1:1-2; Solomon writes Ecclesiastes in an effort to discover the meaning of life. During his lifetime, Solomon experienced great wealth, great power, expansive knowledge and wisdom, great accomplishments, multiple wives and concubines, and the fleeting joy of pleasure. However, faced with so many distractions, he slowly drifted from God.

Moment by moment, day by day, experience by experience, worldly pleasure by worldly pleasure, he discovered that nothing on this earth would brought him satisfaction. Solomon discovered that nothing and no one but God could deliver peace or satisfaction to his empty soul. A life without God is futile. A life without God is emptiness. A life without God is vanity.

THE CHOCOLATE bunny lies in the basket, surrounded by green paper “grass.” With Easter morning eyes wide with anticipation, the little boy carefully lifts the candy figure and bites into one of the long ears. But the sweet taste fades quickly, and the child looks again at the candy in his hand.

It’s hollow! Empty, futile, hollow, nothing—the words have a ring of disappointment and disillusionment. Yet this is the life experience of many. Grasping the sweet things—possessions, experience, power, and pleasure—they find nothing inside. Life is empty, meaningless—and they sink into despair.

What is your worldy distraction?

  • My boyfriend
  • Impressing others
  • My looks
  • My phone
  • My job


In this profound book, Solomon takes us on a reflective journey through his life, explaining how everything he had tried, tested, or tasted had been “meaningless”—useless, irrational, pointless, foolish, and empty—an exercise in futility.

Read 2 chronicles 1:7-12. What did Solomon ask God for?

When Solomon became king, he asked God for wisdom (2 Chronicles 1:7–12).

Read 1 kings 4:29-34. And he became the wisest man in the world. Solomon studied, taught, judged, and wrote. Kings and leaders from other nations came to Jerusalem to learn from him. But with all of his practical insight on life, Solomon failed to heed his own advice, and he began a downward spiral. Near the end of his life, Solomon looked back with an attitude of humility and repentance. He took stock of his life, hoping to spare his readers the bitterness of learning through personal experience that everything apart from God is empty, hollow, and meaningless.

What would you say is your cure for emptiness? What should it be?

My cure is medication, friends,family.

The cure for emptiness is to center on God. His love also can fill the emptiness of human experience. Fear God throughout your life, and fill your life with serving God and others rather than with selfish pleasures.

Many people feel restless and dissatisfied. They wonder: (1) If I am in God’s will, why am I so tired and unfulfilled? (2) What is the meaning of life? (3) When I look back on it all, will I be happy with my accomplishments? (4) Why do I feel burned out, disillusioned, dry? (5) What is to become of me? Solomon tests our faith, challenging us to find true and lasting meaning in God alone. As you take a hard look at your life, as Solomon did his, you will see how important serving God is over all other options. Perhaps God is asking you to rethink your purpose and direction in life, just as Solomon did in Ecclesiastes.




The butterflies..

I feel scared. He makes me lose myself completely. Every time he touches me I lose track of everything around me. When he looks into my eyes I feel like he looks into my heart. I never thought I could give my heart away again and suddenly it escapes me and I didn’t even notice it leave my body. I’m frightened to love him. I don’t feel strong enough to handle heartbreak again. But how do you turn away from such a strong love. God what are you doing to me? God please protect me. Please guard my heart Lord.

“I just don’t know”

Lately, I’ve been going through a weird time in my life. I’m 22 and right now I’m studying full time for my nursing exam. I’m scared of failing and most of all i’m scared of being stuck all over again. My anxiety has been controlling me a lot lately and I’m not really sure how I can win against it. People ask me “Whats wrong?” And I cant even form an answer. Truth is. I just don’t know. My mind is holding me up and helping me stand but I feel like i’m fighting with myself to stay strong. What do you do? How can I fix myself if I don’t even know whats broken?

Anger will only kill you..

I was  so bitter. Even driving by the church we were baptized at together,  made me angry. I have built up so much anger inside of me that I didn’t even realize it was destroying me. He was living his life but what about me? I was destroying my own because of how much I used my pain for hate. People say time heals old wounds but it’s not until you stop thinking about those wounds you realize you are healed. I still miss him and I will love him forever but I  am no longer bitter. I cant say I’m fully healed but I’m better off than I was. I no longer want to go to church  just to see him. I’d  say that’s a step in the right direction. For a long time I kept wishing him bad things. As much as I hate to say that, I did. Who wants someone who crushed their heart to be happy? The best part about anger? It goes away. It does not linger. It goes away. And that is the best feeling someone can experience. The feeling of freedom and the feeling that whoever hurt you cannot repeat that process. I’m so joyful to have my freedom back. And I’ve also learned how to hold on to that freedom even when i’m in a relationship. Don’t do what I did. Do not give your heart away and forget about who you are in the process. A good friend recently told me “You have to learn to be single even when you’re in a relationship.” And it’s true. Even when your heart is with someone you have to hold on to who you are when you are alone. Don’t put all your significance in one human being. Put all your significance in Christ and your heart shall never be broken. Because Christ does not break hearts. He heals them. He does not turn away from any heart that comes his way. So, just remember. Anger will not win. It will only kill you. So, step back and don’t let it in. Step back, and forgive. Step back, and kill the anger inside of yourself.

Five months ago

If someone told me five months ago that I would be single and the love of my life would be embracing someone else, I would laugh. But, hey that’s what happens when you give your whole heart away. I’ve learned now. Men they don’t give it all away. They give you a form of their heart but that’s it. Men don’t take relationships seriously and that is the difference between us men and women.